True Color Ikut Fellow
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Design By Korea True Color Short sleeved T-shirt Unique printing High quality cotton Women T-shirt

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not recommendneturalrecommendHighly recommend 2015-07-31 chr*******
not recommendneturalrecommendHighly recommend 2015-06-28 dch*******
not recommendneturalrecommendHighly recommend 2015-06-24 Kur*******
not recommendneturalrecommendHighly recommend 2015-06-17 gad*******
not recommendneturalrecommendHighly recommend 2015-06-11 tan*******
not recommendneturalrecommendHighly recommend 2015-06-08 mec*******
not recommendneturalrecommendHighly recommend 2015-06-05 pla*******
not recommendneturalrecommendHighly recommend 2015-06-04 chi*******
not recommendneturalrecommendHighly recommend 2015-06-03 dch*******
not recommendneturalrecommendHighly recommend 2015-05-30 len*******
Q&A Barang(21)
No. Pertanyaan (Q) & Jawaban (A) Anggota Tanggal Status
17613952 about size pla******* 2015-05-18 Terjawab
  Hai, my chest 104cm. Can i use this clothes? I'm afraid its too small for me
thank you

[Re] about size
Dear customer,
The chest need*2 so that it is not small for you.
Thank you.

16965761 Email address cor******* 2015-03-26 Terjawab
  Dear Seller True Color,

Can I ask your email address so that I can communicate with you directly? I am very interested in your products and willing to purchase them in big quantities.
Please advise, thx

[Re] Email address
Dear customer,
I understand Chinese.
thank you.

16643249 Are the clothes cropped top? kar******* 2015-02-27 Terjawab
  Are the clothes cropped top?There are some of the pictures that looks like a cropped top.

[Re] Are the clothes cropped top?
Dear customer,
please view attached photo.
it's long enough and big enough.
thank you.

16377441 can't order again chr******* 2015-02-03 Terjawab
  Previous i have buy 5 item and delivered. So, now i want buy 5 again but i can't the message limit 5 item/buyer (prevoius buy 5). It means we can't order again??
Plez, Ur confirmation. Tq

[Re] can't order again
Dear customer,
we will never limite our customers to purchase our product.
we are searching for a way to solve this problem.
thank you.


[Re] can't order again
I've tried to order again but still can't


[Re] can't order again
Dear customer,
please try to use another ID to purchase it then.
sorry for the inconvenience.
thank you.

16299270 Printing spi******* 2015-01-28 Terjawab
  Do all of them have double-sided printing? If not, how could I know which one have double-sided? Thank you.

[Re] Printing
Dear customer,
the back of all the tshirts is blank.
thank you.

16260448 Saya sudah terima sms konfirmasi dari kartu kredit saya sis******* 2015-01-25 Tidak terjawab
16246896 Pertanyaan bae******* 2015-01-23 Terjawab
  apa saya bisa minta no hapenya atau BBM saya Mau beli grosir????tks

[Re] Pertanyaan
Dear customer,
sorry, we can't understand you.
can you type in English or Chinese or Korean?
thank you.

16205038 Can't buy again ant******* 2015-01-21 Terjawab
Previous i have buy 5 item and delivered. So, now i want buy 5 again but i can't the message limit 5 item/buyer (prevoius buy 5). It means we can't order again??
Plez, Ur confirmation. Tq

[Re] Can't buy again
Dear customer,
you can order again.
please try again.
thank you.


[Re] Can't buy again
Still can't...


[Re] Can't buy again
Dear customer,
we will not limit our customers to purchase our items. maybe it's qoo10 system error.
sorry for the inconvenience,
thank you.


[Re] Can't buy again
It's oke. I already order 15 pcs w/ acc my fren and succesful 😊😊


[Re] Can't buy again
thank you.

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