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[NEMO KOREA] Fashion Trend Pants★High quality★MADE IN KOREA★Hollywood Style/Casual look

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not recommendneturalrecommendHighly recommend Satisfied

Satisfied. Will buy another one....:)

Type:1157 Orange Red(77)(+Rp47600) | BELT:None

+ Tambah ke troli
May 16, 2014 0 0
Jan 22, 2014 0 0

not recommendneturalrecommendHighly recommend Oke

Proses pengiriman lumayan cepat dan sesuai gambar....

Type:7555 Black(77)(+Rp55600) | BELT:None

+ Tambah ke troli
Nov 26, 2013 0 0

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not recommendneturalrecommendHighly recommend 2014-05-16 yul*******
not recommendneturalrecommendHighly recommend 2014-03-30 fut*******
not recommendneturalrecommendHighly recommend 2014-01-22 ste*******
not recommendneturalrecommendHighly recommend 2014-01-05 the*******
not recommendneturalrecommendHighly recommend 2013-11-28 Na2*******
not recommendneturalrecommendHighly recommend 2013-11-26 viv*******
Q&A Barang(3)
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11261844 Scam?? ekt******* 2013-11-21 Terjawab
I order this item, but you without notice cancel this order, the reason is item dameged and the item is no longer etc ect etc,. But i see you still display and sell this item. Are you a scam or something?
[Re] Scam??
Out of the products have been processed canceled.
I apologize in advance to contact.
11181946 how to order pants from korea ( nemo) oli******* 2013-11-17 Terjawab
Dear Customer service,
Please iinformation how to order pants because I don't know the code for the item
[Re] how to order pants from korea ( nemo)
plz ask Qoo10 Cs-center how to order.

Thank you.
11133730 about the pant with code 7543 Na2******* 2013-11-14 Terjawab
Hi, I 've made an order for a pant with code 7543, I would like to know what size could I actually fit in. I'm about 68 cm at waist and I ordered size S, will that size fit me or should I go for size M? It would be a convinience if you could guide me to choose the right size considering I don't know how elastic the fabric would be, thanks
[Re] about the pant with code 7543
If you are not tall over 170cm, your choice is good for you. Thank you.

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